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A purposeful and prolific writer, Kia understands the power of words and employs them to change lives. As a writer, teacher, speaker and consultant, Kia constantly and consistently uses words to empower, educate and engage audiences.

Kia Writes: A writer by trade and passion, Kia Writes to tell stories that educate, encourage, and inspire readers to love hard, take risks, chase dreams, and enjoy every journey life offers.

Kia Teaches: A fun, energetic and engaging educator, Kia Teaches and uses the immeasurable power the Internet to provide virtual tutorials and interactive lessons.

Kia Speaks: A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Kia Speaks through a number of seminars and workshops that offer business, life, and academic lessons. All participants walk away with tangible lessons and information that they can begin applying immediately.

Kia Consults: With 10 years of communication experience, Kia Consults and offers writing, editing, and social media services to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.