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After years receiving dynamic results in urban classrooms, Kia has chosen to use the Internet to provide a wide range of educational services for both students and educators by providing interactive lessons that hold students to strict standards and ensure mastery of concepts. Kia Teaches offers three types of services: 1) tutorials, 2) essay assistance and 3) interactive lessons. While a majority of the services focus on reading, writing and English courses, Kia Teaches does partner with other certified educators and curriculum development specialists to provide instruction in other courses.

Tutorial services are designed to assist students in mastering specific concepts and/or preparing for upcoming exams. Each tutorial session is uniquely designed to meet students where they are while challenging them to exceed all expectations. Both virtual and in-person sessions are available. To schedule a tutoring sessions or request a quote, click here.

Essay Assistance
Composing essays and research papers can be an overwhelming task for the most experienced writers. Kia Teaches’ essay assistance is designed to walk students through the writing process 1) to ensure they compose a clear, concise and organized paper that meets that instructor’s requirements and 2) to encourage students to become independent writers, thinkers and learners. To request essay assistance, click here.

Interactive Lessons
Students are more likely to learn when concepts are presented in an interesting and engaging format. Using instructional and curriculum development experience, Kia Teaches offers interactive, technology-based lessons and resources for teachers to use in their classroom and for students to use in personal study. To see a list of lessons, click here. To request or submit a lesson, click here.

Kia Teaches
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